Sizing Ring

Find Your Ring Size

1. Ring size measurement using thread or floss.

You can measure the ring sizes with thread or floss. That's your home's most common thing. Take a measuring tool and wrap it over your finger base. Mark the first covering of the thread or floss with ink.This is the ruler line up, and its length varies in millimeters.

2. Previously purchased on a ring size chart.

This is a snapshot approach for ring size measurement—using a ring you purchased before that suits your needs. Please print out our ring size map and find your ring until you select the one that matches your ring internally.

3. Your own ring sizer

If you are under pressure to use one of the above methodologies, you can purchase your own ring measuring tool to ensure accuracy. These ring sizes are not expensive, and there are various options available online. So, once again, you do not need to leave your home to make this decision. The plastic strips are the best-tested ring size instruments that we suggest. A thin tape or band attached to a ring inclination.

recommended ring sizing tools


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